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Grants and granted funds
2007-2017 Successfully applied for and was awarded grants for approx. 40 projects/conferences etc. (travel costs for speaker invitations, salary for assistants, material costs). Most prominent fund-awarding institutions since 1998 were the NRW State Ministry of Science, the German Academic Exchange Service, the EU (Third Party in Horizon 2020 project), PRC Language Council International Hanban, PRC Ministry of Culture/Chinese Writers' Association, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, several Confucius Institutes, Taiwan National Science Foundation, Taiwan Ministry of Education, Chiang-Ching-Kuo-Foundation (through universities like Columbia University) and universities like Harvard University/USA, Peking Normal University/China, Nanking University/China, Tongji Shanghai/China, Folkwang Essen/Germany, Rome Three Rome/Italy.