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Professor of Chinese Literature and Communication, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

Research interests
modern and contemporary Chinese literature, The Dream of the Red Chamber, Chinese culture (esp. modern), cultural comparison Germany-China, Chinese negotiation culture, dictionaries

University Witten/Herdecke, Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50, 58448 Witten, Germany

Visiting Scholar / Guest professor (selection)
05-07/2012         Tongji University Shanghai, China
08/2010-08/’11 Harvard University, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
08/1998-07/’99 Harvard University, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Publications (Selection)

The history of the Chinese essay (1st ed. 1998 Multilingua Press, ²2009, xiii, 900 pp., ISBN 393232904X)
My Essays are my ‘Longing for Freedom’ - Wang Meng, Former Minister of Culture, as Essayist in the Period 1948-1992 (Peter Lang 1998, ix, 394 pp.)
Political Literature in China 1991-92 - Wang Meng's 'Reform of Breakfast Habits'. A Translation of the Story “Hard Porridge” and the Documentation of an Absurd Debate (Universitypress Brockmeyer 1st ed. 1994 267 pp., ²2003), Review: Wolf Baus in: "Nachrichten zur Literatur aus China", in: Hefte für Ostasiatische Literatur (1994.11, Heft 17), pp. 109 - 114, here p. 113

Book chapters
“Han Han Roughs Up the Literary Scene”, in: David Wang et al. eds., A New Literary History of Modern China, Harvard University Press, April 2017, ISBN 9780674967915, 677 pp.
“四大名著走向歐洲——《紅樓夢》為研究范例 [Overseas dissemination of the Four Great Works – the Red Chamber Dreams as Research Example]”,《中華經典海外傳播》[Overseas Dissemination of Chinese Classics],李懷亮、王永主編 [Li Huailiang, Wang Yong eds.],光明日報出版社 [Guangming Daily Press]  2016年7月,ISBN 978-7-5194-1602-7, 421 p., pp. 229-240 [Draft earlier published in Conference Proceedings] “2015年中华经典海外传播国际研讨会论文集”, pp. 269-280] [南京大学文学院(Nanjing University)]
“ ‚The other’ – Mutual foreign perception in Germany and China”, in: Karin Aschenbruecker, Hansjoerg Bisle-Mueller eds., China – Society and Economy in transition. Experiences and reflections from the view of the scholarship, the economy, the law and the religion, Wissner Press, 260 pp., 2009/1/9, pp. 174-208 (German)
“The literary translation process and the cultural poles Germany – China”, in: China.Literature.Translation. Contributions at a conference in honor of Ulrich Kautz, Peter Lang, Bern 2006 (German)
“The Internet and Human Rights in China”, in: Hauke Brunkhorst, Matthias Kettner, Hg., Globalization and Democracy. Economy, Jurisdiction, Media (2000) Frankfurt / M.: Suhrkamp, suhrkamp scholarly paperbacks 1448, 416 pp, pp 310 - 329 (German)

一“石”激起千層浪——从《紅樓夢》傳播看西方早期以工具化与邊緣化為核心的中國文學接受 [The Waves of the ‚Stone’ – Early Reception of Chinese Literature in the West with the core of Instrumentalization and Exotization of the disseminated Red Chamber Dreams],《曹雪芹研究》Studies of Caoxueqin, 2016年01期 ,第118-127頁[北京师范大学] (first author)
“紀念曹雪芹誕辰300週年:歐洲第三屆《紅樓夢》國際學術研討會”綜述 [Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of Cao Xueqin: The 3rd international conference on the Red Chamber Dreams],《曹雪芹研究》Studies of Caoxueqin, 2016年01期,第163-175頁(2nd author) [北京师范大学] (second author)
中、德學者紅學對話實錄——以《紅樓夢》翻譯為題 [A dialogue between Chinese and German Redology scholars – The Example of Red Chamber Dreams translations],中國礦業大學學報(社會科學版) Journal of China University of Mining & Technology (Social Science), 2015年03期,第89-93頁[3rd author] (third author)
„曹雪芹和《红楼梦》在欧洲的影响“ [The impact of Cao Xueqin and the Red Chamber Dreams in Europe], in: Honglou meng xuekan 《红楼梦学刊》[Honglou meng Studies] vol. 5 (2015) pp. 229-246 [University Rome Three] (first author)
"欧洲学者视野中的中国文学史", in: 长江学术,2013年03期,第13-17頁,第一作者
歐洲學者視野中的中國文學史,《武大·哈佛“现当代中国文学史书写的反思与重构”国际高端学术论坛文集》 2013,ISBN:9787516149911,中國社會科學出版社,第400-404頁(first author)
“Online- und Blogliteratur in China – Bestseller und Trends der Gegenwartsliteratur“, in: Dianmo – Zeitschrift Leipziger Sinologie-Studenten 4 (2011.7) 12:7-14, ISSN 2190-4014,
“Dynamics of the canon of Chinese literature - Foreign, domestic and historical differences and their transition, with a focus on the foreign canon of Chinese literature中國文學經典的原動力:歷史的流變和海內外接受的差異——以域外中國文學經典觀為中心”, in: 中正漢學研究, vol. 6 (2012), listed in THCI (Taiwan Humanities Citation Index Core)(核心期刊)(Chinese)
“Being Explicit About the Implicit – John Minford’s Translation of the last Forty Chapters of The Story of the Stone with a Field Study on two Sexually Arousing Scenes 被遗漏的“犹抱琵琶半遮面”——闵福德和他对《红楼梦》后四十回的翻译,集中讨论刺激性联想的场景”, in: Hongloumeng xuekan 《红楼梦学刊》 vol. 6 (2011) pp. 274-289. ISSN 1001-7917. This journal is the top journal of Studies on the Dream of the Red Chamber, it is fulltext available on “China Academic Journals”, listed in ERAID 34663, rank C,  (Chinese)
Literature: “Being Explicit About the Implicit – John Minford and his Translation of the last Forty Chapters of the Red Chamber Dreams with a Focus on the Sexually Arousing Scenes”, in: Journal of Sino-Western Communications, ISSN Online 1946-6188, Print 2153-0114, vol. 3 (2011.12) issue 2, US journal. (English)
“俊男美女的调笑 ” —— 西方早期《红楼梦》接受研究 "To Amuse the Beaux and Belles” The Early Western Reception of the Hongloumeng", in: 中西文化交流学报 Journal of Sino-Western Communications, ISSN Online 1946-6188, Print 2153-0114, vol. 2 (2010.12) issue 2, 22 pp., US journal (Chinese)
"The history of the translations of the novel title ‘Hongloumeng’, a new finding of an early translation of novel excerpts under the title ‘Red Chamber Dreams’, and an etymological discussion of terms used in the title translations 《红楼 梦》译名的百花齐放——浅析《红楼梦》书名的翻译以及一个新发现", in: Acta Linguistica et Litteraturaria Sinica Occidentalia, Monograph for the Studies of Hongloumeng Translation & Communication 华西语文学刊 (2010.11) 3:66-88. Chinese journal of good standing. (Chinese)

with Licia D. Kim: Wang Meng: China – Deciphered. I Want to Talk with You about Politics, Orem/Utah: Academic Press of the USA, 2.2017, 440 pp. ISBN 978-1-68202-888-9 (E-Book -889-6)
Mian, Mian, Panda Sex, Roman, Kiepenheuer & Witsch, ISBN: 978-3-462-04147-7, Paperback, 166 S.
with Rainer Schwarz: Tsau, Hsüä-Tjin / Gau, Ë: Der Traum der Roten Kammer oder Die Geschichte vom Stein, Peking: Foreign Language Press
978-7-119-09412-0, 6 vols., hardcover, 4813 pp. (bilingual, first full German translation, 3rd revised edition)
Further translations of Sheng Keyi, He Qixin, Zhao Yifan, Liu Jun, Zhang Wei, Lu Xun, Zhou Zuoren, Xu Dishan, Yu Dafu, Zu Ziqing, Bing Xin, Ba Jin, Qian Zhongshu, Yang Shuo, Sun Li, Wang Zengqi, Yu Guangzhong, Wang Meng, Zhang Jie, Liu Zaifu, Xue Erkang, Ye Meng, Jia Pingwa, Si Yu

Editor of a Chinese-German Dictionary (together with Renli Zhang).

Conferences/panels organized/chaired
2015/11/7-8 „Hongloumeng Conference“, Folkwang University Essen, German
2015/9/27     “China's Way - Success Reasons, Problems and Solutions“, Berlin, German China Asso­ci­a­tion (w. G. Paul), Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation, Chinese Academy of Social Scien­ces
2014/10/20    “China's Way, Chinese Studies Conference”, Berlin, German China Asso­ci­a­tion (w. G. Paul), Chinese Academy of Social Scien­ces
2014/3/27-28 Organizer of international conference “China and Europe” (Italy, Rome), co-organized with L. Moccia
2013/12/13-16 Organizer of international conference “Creation and Consumption of Cultural Commodities” (Wuhan, China), co-organized with Wenqian G./S. Li et al. and M. Kettner/M. Frühauf
2013/3/7-8   Organizer of international conference “China and the Asia Pacific Region - The new US Focus” at Utah Valley University
2012/3/23-25 Organizer of international conference “China’s Global Impact. A Tri-partite Outlook from the U.S.-China-European Academic Community: The Paradigm Shift Necessary to Balance the Economic, Political and Cross-Cultural Dimensions of China’s Rise upon Global Equilibrium” at Utah Valley University
2011/4/1       Organizer of panel "The New Chinese Political and Cultural Identity: Harmonious in the Nation or the Globe?" at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, Honolulu Hawaii/USA
2010/11/19-20 “From Theater to Film (1)”, panel chair and discussant at the conference "The Story of the Stone and The Tale of Genji in Modern China and Japan: Issues in Issues in Media, Technology, Gender, and National Identity", Columbia University, New York N.Y./USA
2010/9/24-25 "Literature, Translation, and Transculturation", panel chair at the conference "New Century, New Literature", Harvard University Asia Center, Cambridge MA/USA, conference organized by David Wang and Xiaofei Tian
2010/8            Organizer of International Conference "Philosophy Bridging Worlds", Ruhr University Bochum [German]
2009/6/27     Organizer of International Conference “Chinese literature in translation” with the University of Applied Languages, Munich, Germany. Co-organizers: German China Association, European Science & Scholarship Association. With conference proceedings. [German, Chinese]
2009/5/13     Organizer of International Conference “Intercultural misunderstandings” with the University of Applied Languages, Munich, Germany [German]
2007/12         Organizer of International Conference “Law and Justice in China” with the University of Applied Languages. With conference proceedings. [Conference languages: German, Chinese, English]

Invitations from Governmental Institutions
2009/12/02   Presentation at the Foreign Ministry, Berlin, Germany, about the state of the research project on a Chinese-German / German-Chinese electronic dictionary, lead by me and Prof. Zhang Renli, supported by the German Foreign Ministry
12.-21.10.2008 Berlin/München: Dolmetsch-Einsatz für deutsch-chinesischen Jugendaustausch auf Einladung der Bundeskanzlerin
9.2008 Berlin: Experten-Beratung des Deutschen Bundestages bei Besuch des ehemaligen chinesischen Kulturministers Wang Meng
2002 Referat im Auswärtigen Amt