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Mar 12-15, 2012, Toronto/Canada, participation in AAS Annual Meeting [forthcoming]
Sep 15-18, 2011 Berlin/Germany, key note speaker at the international conference "The Sino-Global Discourse", organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy [forthcoming]
Aug 1, 2011 Nanjing/China, launch of research project
websites "Text comparison project", "Survey on the Dream of the Red Chamber"
July 1, 2011
Orem, Utah/USA, starting date Associate Professor of Chinese Studies with Utah Valley University
Apr 23, 2011, Cambridge, MA&USA, Harvard University, Fairbank Center, presentation "1999, March 28: 16-year old Han Han roughs up the literary scene", at "Writing a New Literary History of Modern China"
Apr 21, 2011, Cambridge, MA/USA, Harvard University, New England Seminar at
Fairbank Center, After-the-dinner speech "The myth of the independent writer – the examples of Lu Xun and Han Han" 7.30-8.45 p.m.
Apr , 2011, Honolulu, Hawai'i/USA, participant at "Zhang Liqing Memorial International Conference on Hanyu Pinyin", East-West Center, University of Hawai'i, organizer: Victor H. Mair
Apr 1, 2011,
Honolulu, Hawai'i/USA, presentation "Civil Society: The Public Sphere in China of 1917-1937 and Today, Stimulated by Lu Xun and Han Han in their Role as the National Critical Conscience" at Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies
Apr 1, 2011, Honolulu, Hawai'i/USA, organizer of panel "The New Chinese Political and Cultural Identity: Harmonious in the Nation or the Globe?" at Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies
Mar 25, 2011, Cambridge, MA/USA, co-organizer of lecture by Stefan Messmann "Footbinding in China: An Unpunished Crime", Harvard Law School, Harvard, lecture series
"East Asian Legal Studies Lunchtime Talk"
Feb, 2011, Cambridge, MA/USA, Workshop at Harvard, EALC
Jan 7, 2011, Bochum/Germany, colloqium for PhD candidates (with Prof. Harald Holz),
Ruhr University Bochum
Jan 1, 2011, Bochum/Germany, starting date appointment as Advisor for Study Abroad Program and University Partnership with China, Institute for Applied Work Management, Ruhr University Bochum
Dec 16, 2010, Hong Kong/China, University of Hong Kong, University Libraries, meeting with Dr. Anthony Fergurson, project Dream of the Red Chamber
Dec 15, 2010, Hong Kong/China, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Translation, Prof. Lawrence Wong, invited lecture "Choices of subjectivity and randomness - Non-representativeness as a characteristic of the cultural field of translation between Western and Chinese literature"
Dec 13, 2010, Peking/China, Peking University, meeting with Prof. Li Duo, discussing "Text comparison project" and fulltext database with functions of comparison and hypertext
Nov 19-20,
2010 New York N.Y./USA, Discussant at the conference "The Story of the Stone and The Tale of Genji in Modern China and Japan: Issues in Issues in Media, Technology, Gender, and National Identity", Columbia University, New York, NY/USA
Oct 15, 2010 Cologne/Germany, co-editor of the Bulletin of the German China Association 2010, with Prof. Gregor Paul
Oct 1, 2010 Cambridge, MA/USA, Workshop on Contemporary Chinese Culture and Literature, informal gathering at Harvard University

Oct 1, 2010 Bochum/Karlsruhe/ Rom/Budapest, Start of the research project „Re-defining China’s identity at the beginning of the 21st century – Changing patterns of perception of Chinese culture and society and the emergence of a critical public opinion“, with Stefan Messmann (Central European University, Budapest), Luigi Moccia (Università Roma Tre), and Guido Rappe (TU Karlsruhe), funds granted by the European Science and Scholarship Association, projects ends: Sep 30, 2012
Sep 24-25, 2010 Cambridge, MA/USA, Chair of panel "Literature, Translation, and Transculturation", at: conference "New Century, New Literature", Harvard University Asia Center, Cambridge MA/USA
Sep 16, 2010 Wolfsburg/Germany, Lecture "On the way to a Chinese production culture", at: conference "Beyond Japan", CampusLife / AutoUni Wolfsburg
Sep 1, 2010 - Aug 31, 2011 Cambridge, MA/USA, visiting scholar at Harvard University, in East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Aug 2010 Bochum/Germany, international conference "Philosophy Bridging Worlds", Ruhr University Bochum
Aug 2010 Riga/Lettland, lecture " 'Art is back in literature' - How a few works of contemporary Chinese mass literature turn against the opportunist main stream", at Biannual Meeting, European Association of Chinese Studies
Aug 2010 Shanghai/China, university cooperation negotiations with Tongji University as representative of Ruhr University Bochum
Jul 2010 - Aug 2010 Peking,Chengdu,Shanghai/China, Research project "Western translations of the Dream of the Red Chamber" in China, funds granted by the Hanban, Ministry of Education, PR China
Jul 1, 2010, Cologne/Germany, lecture "Contemporary
Chinese Literature. Online and blog literature", German China Association
June 10, 2010, OAPEN Seminar, June 10, 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 29-30, 2010, TU Berlin, Meeting of the Working Group of University Presses, organizer of wiki of University Presses
March 25-28, 2010, Philadelphia Pennsylvania/USA, presentation of the "European Journal of Sinology" at the 'Association of Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Meeting'
March 9, 2010, Aachen/Germany, "Chances for SME to enter the Chinese market", Interview by Martin Klapheck, Tivoli, Aachen 7.30-8 p.m.
Autumn 2009/Spring 2010 Munich,Bochum/Germany, two monographs and one edited proceedings on contemporary Chinese literature published:
2009/10/15 2-2.30 pm Frankfurt, "What do Chinese people read? About fast moving party literature and long novels" in: television channels N24/Pro7/Sat1, interview by Philipp Stelzner (broadcast date 2009/10/15)
2009/10/14 Frankfurt, Martin Woesler interviews Han Han: "
Let her rip", in: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Feuilleton, Book Fair Special p 13
2009/10/14 8-8.20 pm Frankfurt/Washington D.C., background interview with Lisa Grant, American National Radio "Meeting of official and dissident authors at the Frankfurt Book Fair" (broadcast date 2009/10/15)
2009/10/13 4.10-4.30 pm Deutschlandfunk Cologne, "Rich Chinese Literature at the Frankfurt Book Fair", interview by Angela Gutzeit
2009/10/1 Frankfurt, "China for a long time was leading world literature" interview by Henrik Schmitz,
2009/9/1 Dortmund, "The Chinese culture has not yet shaken off its status of exotism" interview by Nicole Stöcker, in: Buchreport (2009, issue 9) pp 54-55
2009/9/1 Cologne, Review "Mian Mian - Panda Sex", in: WDR 3, Resonanzen, 7:10 pm
2009/8/25 one volume paperback edition The Dream of the Red Chamber released
2009/8/24 Cologne, novel Mian Mian: Panda Sex released
2009/8/19 Hamburg, China as the Guest of Honor - Where authors become popstars [excerpt], in Lufthansa Exclusive, pp 36-54
2009/6/27 Munich, International Conference "Chinese Literature in German translation" at the University for Applied Languages, FH of the SDI Munich (with the German China Association,
European Science and Scholarship Association), speeches on: "The Dream of the Red Chamber", "Mian Mian: Panda Sex", overview on contemporary Chinese literature, conference transcript Chinesische Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung
2009/5/13 Munich, Conference "Intercultural Misunderstandings" at the University for Applied Languages, FH of the SDI Munich, organized by students, speech on China
2009/5/8 Head of the recently founded "International Postgraduate School of Humanities" (Members from Germnay, China, Italy,Hungary)
March 2009, May 2009: travels to China (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai)
2008-2009/5: Translation of the novel Mian Mian: "Panda Sex", Kiepenheuer & Witsch Verlag
1992-2009/5: Translation of the novel Cao Xueqin/Gao E: "The Dream of the Red Chamber" (with Rainer Schwarz), European University Press, in three volumes
Frankfurt, "The hour of the young authors", interview by Jennifer Minke, in the weekly magazine "Börsenblatt" of the German Books Association (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels)
2008/4/29 Frankfurt, Speech "Chinese Literature - Recommendations for German publishing companies" at the translators' pitch "Rotes Kornfeld" upon the invitation of the German Books Association "Börsenvereins des deutschen Buchhandels"
2008/10/12-21 Berlin/Munich, interpretation at the German-Chinese youth exchange upon the invitation of the German chancellor
2008/9 Berlin, Expert-Consulting of the German Bundestag on the occasion of the visit of the former Chinese Minister of Education Wang Meng
2008/3 travel to China (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanking)
2007/12 International Conference "Right and Justice in China" at the
University for Applied Languages, FH of the SDI Munich, speech on the Chinese legal system, publisher of the conference transcript
2007/9 "Desideratum 2007" award (endowed with 10,000 Euros) by the European Science and Scholarship Association (ESSA)