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A  Sinology 1. Classical/premodern (intellectual history/literature)
2. Modern 3. Contemporary 4. Economics 5. Language 6. Law
B  Cultural Studies 1. Cultural Comparison 2. Intercultural Communication Germany/China 3. Intercultural Manamgent 4. CompLit / Translation Studies
5. Philosophy 6. Politics /Internet
C  Research-Initiatives/-Media 1. Postgraduate School 2. ScienceXchange 3. University Cooperations 4. Academic publication initiatives

A Sinology

1. Focus on classical / premodern times

1.1 Chinese intellectual history / philosophy: Development of Confucianism

1.2 Literature: The Dream of the Red Chamber
1990-2009年翻译《红楼梦》 德 文全译本,2009年发表(跟赖纳∙施华茨)
2004年曾在德国出版《有關〈紅樓夢〉作為一部有文學意義的作品評價》一 本书

1.2.1 Dissemination and research on Classical Chinese literature in the West. Retrospective and prospects of the example of the Western translations of the Dream of the Red Chamber “中国典籍文学在西方的传播及研究——以《红楼梦》的西方译版为例对其的回顾与展望”
[Funds granted by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Hanban,
and by the Southwest Jiaotong University Chengdu/China]
Papers published

1.2.2 Participation in project of national rank "Central higher education special fund for operational costs of basic research topics - Western translations of the 'Dream of the Red Chamber' and the worldwide spread of Chinese culture' (2009-2011)" “中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金专题研究项目——外语翻译研究专题之‘《红楼梦》西方诸语言迻译与中国文化的世界 性传播’ (2009-2011年)”
[Funds granted by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Hanban]
Contributions to the project book [Chinese], published:
2010年" 《红楼梦》书名的发展史及其海外的译名"一文, 《华西语文学刊》第三辑专刊

1.2.3 "Text comparison project"
Web database for the comparison of different Chinese editions of the Dream of the Red Chamber and its translations

2010 November 19-20, Participation in the conference at Columbia University “The Story of the Stone and The Tale of Genji in Modern China and Japan: Issues in Media, Technology, Gender, and National Identity”(对比研究现代中国和日本的《红楼梦》及《源氏物語》——媒介、技术、性别、国家认知)

1.2.5 Research group "From Red Inkstone to Red Flag – Readers’ Receptions of Honglou meng" mit Kimberly Besio, Colby College; Zuyan Zhou, Hofstra University; Ying Wang, Mt. Holyoke College; I-Hsien Wu, The City College of New York

1.2.6 Research initiative "European Dream of the Red Chamber Society": Anthology, conference 2012

1.2.7 Online Survey on the Dream of the Red Chamber (English, Chinese, German)

1.3 The classics (四书五经)
Project of a web site with search function and comparison of full texts including Chinese originals and their translations
Book on Confucius and the authorship of the classics published

2. Focus on modern times

2.1 Comparison of discourses: Republican China and contemporary China
Research group "The New Chinese Political and Cultural Identity: Harmonious in the Nation or the Globe?" with Guoguang Wu, University of Victoria; Daria Berg, University of Nottingham; Karin Betz, University of Frankfurt/Main, Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer, University of Goettingen; Yinan He, Seton Hall University; Discussant: Daniel Dooghan, University of Minnesota

2.2 The Chinese essay
[visiting scholar (PostDoc) at Harvard University, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations; funds granted by the Academy Achern]
Research group
"The 20th Century Chinese Essay" Yale 1999, The Modern Chinese Literary Essay - Defining the Chinese Self in the 20th Century Academy Achern 2000

3. Focus on contemporary issues
3.1 Chinese Identity at the beginning of the 21st century (soft power, guoxue re etc.)
[Visiting scholar (Prof.) at Harvard University, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations; funds granted by the European Science & Scholarship Association]

3.2 Contemporary Chinese literature: trends, online literature, blogs
[Funds granted by the Frankfurt Book Fair]
Symposium Chinese literature in German translation
University of Applied Languages, Munich 2009, with conference proceedings

3.2.1 The works of Han Han
[Funds application pending], Translation work

3.2.2 The works of Wang Meng

Chinese fulltext initiative,

4. Economics: Chinese culture of production and of management
[Funds granted by the AutoUni of Volkswagen AG]

4.1 Corporate Culture in transition: The local and global perspective of companies in China

4.2 Chinese management and production culture challenging Japanese and American models
Book published

5. Language/Linguistics

5.1 Linguistics: Dictionary project
[Sponsored project. For sponsorship information, please contact the editors Martin Woesler and Zhang Renli.]

5.2 Language acquisition:
[Funds granted by the Chinese Ministry of Education]
Building up of Chinese as
addition to the study of Economics, and Business Chinese, at the Frankfurt School
Teacher employed in this project: Ms Yang Xue

5.2.1 Course conception and creation of learning material for language teaching on high school and college level

5.2.2 Conception and creation of learning material for the education as conference interpreter Chinese

6. Chinese Law
Conference Law and Justice in China
, University of Applied Languages, Munich 2007, with conference proceedings

B Cultural Studies

1. Comparison of cultures
Intercultural Competence and cultural standards Germany-China, international business management,
culturmaps, translating culture, Own-culture-shock, learning institutions, learning through international comparison 1.1 Competence network "translating culture"
1.2 Workshop "Crosscultural misunderstandings"
May 13, 2009 at the University of Applied Languages, Munich in the framework of the course "Projects", concept and realization by the students, own lecture on China

2. Intercultural communication Germany-China
2.1 Conception of courses
2.2 Development of teaching material and enchanting mediation forms, e.g. role plays, group work etc., including new media, e.g. power point, Wenlin, internet recherche
2.3 Project "Guide to intercultural training" by student Sabine Moron, published as Intercultural competence Germany-China. Training and Coaching for Employees, ed. by Martin Woesler, Bochum: European University Press, ISBN 3-89966-095-1, 52 pp., 2005, Series Scripta Sinica vol. 43
2.4 Integration interkultureller Kompetenz in Sprachkurse (Aufbaukurs Chinesisch Intensiv mit eigenem nach interkulturellen Kompetenzen gegliederten Lehrmaterial) und BWL- / VWL-
Kurse (Seminar East Asia)

3. International Management (Focal point: China)
- Conception of the course "Negotiation culture Germany-China" and development of teaching material
- Marketing in China: Adaption of brand names, form of presentation and target groups for Western products in the Chinese market, see publications
- Teaching and developing teaching material for business Chinese, see publications)

4. Comparative Literature / Translation Studies
Research group: Daniel A. Fried etc.
invited presentation at "The Fourth Asian Translation Traditions Conference" Dec 15, 2010, Hong Kong/China, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Translation, Prof. Lawrence Wong "Choices of subjectivity and randomness - Non-representativeness as a characteristic of the cultural field of translation between Western and Chinese literature", 会conference report in Chinese

5. Philosophy

5.1 Edition of the works of the philosopher Harald Holz, 42 vols., "Intercultural ethics" by Guido Rappe, 4 vols.
[Funds granted from the European Science & Scholarship Association as well as the European Forum]

5.2 International Conference "Philosophy Bridging Worlds" August 28-29, 2010 Ruhr University Bochum
[Sponsored by the "International Postgraduate School of Humanities"]

6. Politics and Internet
Research group with Junhua Zhang, Zhejiang University

C Research initiatives/-media

1. Graduate School
[Funds granted from the European Science & Scholarship Association]

2. ScienceXchange
[in cooperation with the Foreing Language Institute of the Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu/PR China]
[in cooperation with the European University Press, the The University Press Bochum and its partner presses Cambridge University Press etc.]

2.1 Exchange of research results of sinology between the US, Europe, and China
2.1.1 Translation of outstanding papers (English/German/French/Chinese)
Translation of scientific abstracts (ScienceNet)

2.2 Visiting scholar
[Visiting scholar (Prof.) Harvard University/USA, Ruhr-University Bochum/Deutschland, Visiting Professor Southwest Jiaotong University Chengdu/China]

3. University cooperations
Initiative to expand the cooperation with Shanghai Tongji as representative of Ruhr University Bochum

4. Publication initiatives

4.1 China Studies
4.1.1 Editorship of the book series Sinica and
the series of scripts Scripta Sinica
4.1.2 Editorship of the European Journal of Sinology
4.1.3 with Gregor Paul: Editorship of the Bulletin of the German China Association (since 1998)

4.2 Cultural Studies
4.2.1 with Matthias Kettner editorship of the book series Comparative Cultural Scienc
e, 8 vols. until 2010, vol. 1: A new model of intercultural communication – critically reviewing, combining and further developing the basic models of Permutter, Yoshikawa, Hall, Hofstede, Thomas, Hallpike, and the social-constructivism 2006, large print, 52 pp., ISBN 9783899661880